Leading the Way,
by Way of Bucknell

A Bucknell education prepares graduates to invent a brighter future.
There’s the surgeon who performed the world’s first transplant of a pig’s heart into his human patient, the prosecutor who repatriates illegally acquired antiquities, the engineer who’s transforming New York City’s skyline, the executive who helps make media workplaces and content more inclusive. In every industry, in the U.S. and abroad, Bucknell graduates change things for the better.

Our students are eager to carve their own paths of innovation and discovery — and they know that Bucknell is preparing them well. From climate change to economic inequality, population growth to pandemics, the path ahead presents obstacles of a dizzying scale and complexity. But Bucknellians are tenacious in their fight for a brighter tomorrow, and we’re eager for the future they will shape.

Class of 2021 Snapshot

Graduates of the Class of 2021 responded to the Center for Career Advancement’s annual post-graduate outcomes survey.
97% of Graduates Responded
95% very satisfied with their outcome
95% secured employment within nine months
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70% Employed
5% volunteer/service program, military, applying/preparing
20% in grad school
$63,352 Mean Starting Salary