A Whole New View(book)
For decades, high school students’ mailboxes, kitchen tables and bedroom floors have grown cluttered with viewbooks from colleges trying to court them.

Universities identify students that might be a good fit and mail them a thick, glossy overview of their academic, residential and recreational offerings.

These signature admissions pieces are colorful and comprehensive, but there’s one thing they aren’t: customizable.

Bucknell Viewbook online quiz
Enter the Bucknell Custom Viewbook, a new way for prospective students and their families to get to know Bucknell. Students select topics that interest them most and generate a made-to-order overview of Bucknell.

In a traditional viewbook, a future engineer might flip past dozens of pages before finding one about engineering. With a Bucknell Custom Viewbook, students select exactly what they want to see — nothing more, nothing less.

Creating a Bucknell Custom Viewbook takes less than three minutes. Students answer four questions, including their name, personality type, academic interests and areas of student life they want to explore.

After clicking the orange “view now” button, students can begin exploring their Bucknell Custom Viewbook right on their phone, laptop or tablet.

“The Bucknell experience is unique to each student based on their interests, passions and goals,” says Dean of Admissions Kevin Mathes ’07. “That’s why we’ve created the Bucknell Custom Viewbook. It allows students to tell us a bit about themselves so we can show them how the things they care about most can be realized at Bucknell.”

— Bryan Wendell

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Build your own or share with a college-bound student in your life.