Encourage Admitted Students
The Personal Touch
This was not an ordinary spring for Dean of Admissions Kevin Mathes ’07 and his office.
On March 30, Mathes and his team launched B2B: Bison to Bison, an online network where admitted students can connect with one another, post questions for current students and learn more about why Bucknell is the right choice. Think of it as an admitted-student day that lasts for months.

Bucknell built it, and the admitted students and their families have come. Within weeks of launch, the B2B network had grown to more than 2,000 active users per week.

In the Life After Bucknell community, students connected with alumni who are eager to open doors for fellow Bucknellians.

When B2B reopens next spring for the Class of 2025, alumni can encourage admitted students to join. Until then, they can continue sharing Bucknell’s story wherever they go — a reminder that person-to-person interaction is effective both online and in real life.

Bryan Wendell

Bucknell students standing on a wall with spirit signs
Photos: Emily Paine
Bucknell students posing with spirit signs