Making His Goals
Jim Marshall ’88 scores big with sports marketing career
by Benjamin Gleisser
Working with owners and executives from NFL and National Hockey League franchises is just part of the daily routine for Jim Marshall ’88. As vice president of sports and entertainment at JPMorgan Chase, he helps plan and analyze major sponsorships that boost the firm’s marketing.
Jim Marshall in a suit in his office
Jim Marshall has parlayed his interest in sports to his career.
“Sports has always been part of my life,” says Marshall. “In middle school, I knew I was never going to compete, but I wanted to stay connected to sports, so I became the equipment manager for my high school’s football, basketball and lacrosse teams.”

Born with cerebral palsy, Marshall had six operations as a youngster. “They enabled me to eventually walk with a pronounced gait,” he says. “My dad, Dan, was a New York City fire captain — a big man — who taught me to strive to be like everyone else. Growing up, I always saw myself as just one of the guys, part of the team.”

When it came time to pick a college, he had two priorities: solid academics and the opportunity to be the football team’s equipment manager. The late defensive line coach Gene Depew ’71 mentored Marshall during the four years he spent aiding players and coaches.

After graduating with a business administration degree and attaining an MBA from Penn State, Marshall worked in marketing for Hertz and Avis, then networked his way to a marketing position with ESPN/ABC Sports. In 2011, he joined JPMorgan Chase’s new sports-entertainment marketing team.

Marshall credits his success to hard work, the value of teamwork he learned from his Bison football days, and his father, whose words about overcoming obstacles still inspire him today.

“He told me, ‘I don’t mind that you fall down, but what do you do next? You pick yourself up, and be there for your teammates.’ ”