The New Leader
Ask Kimberly Wilson Wetty ’93 how Bucknell has influenced her life, and she’ll tell you the University gave her the freedom to discover who she wanted to be as a person and as a professional. Wetty, the co-owner and co-president of Valerie Wilson Travel Inc., became president of the Bucknell University Alumni Association Board of Directors in June.
1. How did Bucknell shape your career?
At Bucknell, I found my self-confidence, mastered the skill of critical thinking, took on leadership roles and, most importantly, learned that mistakes create an opportunity for growth and advancement.
2. What class opened your eyes the most?
My psychology classes by far! Professor Joel Wade was my favorite teacher and become a lifelong mentor and friend. Being able to better understand people and learning the art of communication and active listening has served me well.
3. If you could go back to college, what would you do differently?
Not much. My time at Bucknell was magical, and my journey since Bucknell has led to a full and blessed life. But I do wish that I had taken a more diverse selection of classes.
4. What fun moment at Bucknell is the most memorable for you?
I probably most treasure the time with friends. As I reflect, I didn’t fully appreciate the gift of time. The world I live in today has no “space” in it; I am always busy. During college, the meaning of time is different.
5. How has your Bucknell experience informed your plans for leading the alumni board?
My Bucknell volunteer work is such a meaningful part of my life. And, as I embark on my new leadership role, I am excited to give all that I can to further support the University, engage with the alumni and connect with the students.