Financial Summary

We are building a better undergraduate experience and opening new pathways to Bucknell through careful stewardship of the University’s resources.
From programs and offices to academics and administration, Bucknell’s expenditures are affected by the same national and global factors that influence the household spending decisions of our donors. The Finance Office makes strategic efforts to balance the budget, meet demands and empower the growth of the University — all while positioning Bucknell to continue its work far into the future.

Breaking Down the Budget

In order to create a best-in-class environment for all Bucknellians, the finance team carefully balances expenditures and income, focusing on appropriately resourcing each facet of the University.
Table showing the income focusing on the budget
$79 million was netted out of tuition for the reported net $146 million in tuition and fees. With a growth of over $25 million in new resources for financial aid over the last decade, the University continues its long-standing commitment to revolutionizing access through scholarship and aid thanks to extraordinary philanthropic support and strategic budget management.
Table showing the expenses based on the budget
Budged reported from actuals from FY2022

Endowment Pool asset allocation

Endowment Pool Asset Allocation table

Tuition, Expenses and the Endowment

Bucknell is dependent upon tuition as a source of revenue to meet its annual operating expenses, due in large part to the size of our endowment.

In the most basic sense, a smaller endowment generates less income, making the institution more reliant on tuition to pay its bills. Since tuition covers only part of the expense of educating students, income generated by the endowment helps the University offset the difference and keeps tuition from escalating. As the endowment continues to grow, so do the resources available to Bucknell to support the whole student experience.

Bucknell is acutely aware of the ever-growing need to support student access through financial aid.

Of the $75 million allocated to financial aid in the 2023 budget, an estimated $17 million is from endowment income or designated Annual Fund gifts.

Improving financial aid offerings — and thereby increasing access — is a critically necessary next step for the University. Bucknell competes with some of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country, many of which have already developed distinctive programs for affordability that provide access to all students without the need for loans — a challenging and future-defining endeavor.

Over $1 Billion Endowment Bucknell’s endowment has nearly doubled over the last 10 years, growing from $599 million to $1.071 billion.
Since 2019, the financial aid allocation of the endowment has grown from 31.6% to 35%.

Gifted Endowments

As we continue assessing the needs of our students, many generous donors have established programs that will support students and serve our community in perpetuity. In 2021-22, 42 programs and scholarships reached full funding.

New Fully Funded Endowed Scholarships

  • Dr. Robert T. Abraham ’74 and Diane Otterness Family Scholarship*
  • John J. Brighton Scholarship
  • Drapeau Family Scholarship
  • Brenda Earl Merit Scholarship*
  • Evans Family Scholarship
  • Pauline and David Fletcher Scholarship*
  • Nile R. Lestrange, MD Scholarship*
  • Peter D. Mauritz ’81 Memorial Scholarship
  • Chris Horne ’57 and Dick Newman ’56 and Family Scholarship*
  • Nicolia Family Scholarship
  • Harry H. Powell Jr. Scholarship*
  • Harry H. Ritter Engineering Scholarship
  • Howard Roessler Family Scholarship
  • Professor Paul G. Stolz Scholarship
  • Mollie W. Woehling ’47 Scholarship*

New Fully Funded Endowed Program Funds

  • Kathleen Ekedahl ’79 Memorial Garden Fund
  • Freeman College of Management Real Estate Program Endowment
  • Walter M. & Melinda Kelly Family Fund for Water Polo
  • Malloure Family Engineering EXCELerator Fund*
  • Miss Zareen Taj Mirza Bucknell Endowment*
  • Silverman Family Real Estate Program Endowed Fund*
  • Sidney L. Miller Career Development Assistant Professorship

Signed Future Endowed Funds

The endowment will continue to grow, thanks to each new donor who steps forward with a passion for student success. Sixteen new endowed funds are now in development thanks to the generosity of the remarkable Bucknell community.

2022 Signed Endowment Agreements

  • Heffner Family Scholarship
  • Kohn Family Real Estate Program Fund
  • Jeremiah and Barbara Sullivan Scholarship
  • National Security Education Fund
  • Sergeant-Soto Family Scholarship
  • Barrett Family Health & Wellness Fund
  • Zuri Group Scholarship
  • Gasper/Peterec Scholarship
  • Robert ’94 and Annsley McAleer Scholarship
  • Mary Ann Beard ’84 Scholarship
  • Suzanne Poetter Freney ’62 Scholarship
  • Toll Family Scholarship
  • Diane L. Hymas ’79 Global Engineering Experiences Fund
  • Dr. Peter C. Vitanzo Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Waters Family Scholarship
*denotes endowed funds created and fully funded in 2021-2022

Annual Fund

Each year, thousands of donors support the Annual Fund, giving back to Bucknell to empower ongoing programs and support student life. Covering nearly 5% of the University’s budget, the Annual Fund strengthens all parts of the University — including scholarships, academics, the arts, athletics and more.

New Annual Scholarships

  • 1785 Annual Scholarship
  • Joseph John Bellace Annual Scholarship
  • Bucknell on the Camino de Santiago Annual Fund Scholarship
  • Suzanne Poetter Freney ’62 Annual Fund Scholarship
  • Gamgort Fund for First Generation College Students
  • Sarah & Jarrad Gunther Annual Scholarship
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation Annual Scholarship Fund
  • Lahey Family Annual Scholarship
  • Gary R. Sheinbaum ’79 Annual Scholarship
  • Dick Skelton Memorial Annual Scholarship
  • Peter & Julia Smith Annual Scholarship
  • Kathleen E. Smith Family Annual Scholarship
  • Sotir/Cleminshaw Family Trust Annual Scholarship
  • Spahr Family Annual Scholarship
  • Frances Xavier White Annual Scholarship

New Annual Program Funds

  • Empowering Educators Fund
  • Freeman College of Management Center for Experiential Learning
  • Taylor Lukof ’03 Fund for Analytics and Operations Management
  • Pester Community College Scholars Program
  • Vizas Quantitative Support Program

2021-22 Annual Fund

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2021-22 Total Gifts

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In fiscal year 2022, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Bucknell alumni, parents and friends, the University raised nearly $90 million in gifts and new pledges. Together, the greater campus community proves their belief in our strategic direction through their generosity.