Entrepreneur Spotlight
Andy Burr Headshot
Photo: Andy Burr ’04
Andy Burr ’04 (pictured) works with fellow Bucknellians Justin Bretting ’04 and Amanda Christy ’21.


by Lori Ferguson
Andy Burr ’04 has been a dynamic force in the climate movement for the past 15 years. Now, as co-founder and CEO of the tech startup Ecountabl, Burr has expanded his focus to include other areas of concern to the public, including sustainability, gender pay equity, livable wages, racial justice and human rights.

The banking and shopping app allows users to rank their values — such as environmental sustainability or gender equality — and quickly find companies whose practices best align with those principles.

“Ecountabl gives me a chance to work on a dozen social and environmental issues that are important to society,” he explains.

The data that drives Ecountabl has been available to Wall Street for a long time, Burr says. The company has simply devised an innovative way to democratize it. “Companies know that younger consumers are looking for this sort of information and accountability,” he says.

“At Bucknell, I learned that I could use technology in service of others.”
And knowledge, he notes, is power. “Two-thirds of the economy in America is consumer spending,” he says.

Bucknell is well-represented at Ecountabl. Co-founder Justin Bretting ’04 is the company’s chief technology officer, and Amanda Christy ’21 is the data-science engineer. Four angel investors are alumni as well.

Burr — who recalls being particularly moved by Professor Ben Marsh’s geography classes — insists this is no accident. “My interest in environmental issues began at Bucknell. Professor Marsh’s enthusiasm around these issues meant something.”

Bretting credits fellow students for their impact. “I was surrounded by highly motivated peers who were focused on shaping the world rather than just going along. The friends I made at Bucknell compelled me to make a difference.” Christy was similarly moved. “At Bucknell, I learned that I could use technology in service of others.”