’burg and Beyond
In Lewisburg and far afield, Bucknell’s students and staff make a positive and palpable difference.
Mark Burke in the Startup Danville office
Photo: Emily Paine
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Mark Burke, whose company is MYNDDSET, was one of the early clients in the new Startup Danville office.

" "Danville, Pa.
Startup Lewisburg has been a home to business innovators in the Central Susquehanna Valley for the last seven years, providing access to consulting services, broadband internet and exclusive networking opportunities. Now Bucknell’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has added a second Startup office in nearby Danville.

How It’s Funded
In partnership with DRIVE (Driving Real Innovation for a Vibrant Economy), an economic-development entity, Startup Danville opened in March in the DRIVE office building. Following initial support from Merck’s Neighbor of Choice program, the incubator is scaling up operations through a $99,500 U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Business Development Grant.

How It Helps
With a focus on health care and technology innovations, Startup Danville already has four member startups. “The pandemic has served to highlight the critical need for innovations being fostered by this initiative,” says SBDC Director Steve Stumbris. “SBDC educational programming, advisory services and expanded office space will be targeted to entrepreneurs who are working to foster innovations in health services delivery and sustain the health of the community.”

In the model of Startup Lewisburg, students serve as business consultants. Assisting Danville entrepreneurs are Amy Yowell ’21, managing for sustainability, Theo Eckert-Budis ’22, accounting & financial management, and Mike Ryan ’23, undeclared management.
Mike Ferlazzo