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Mobile Greeting Card Stand around Bucknell University
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Jenna Camann ’07 (left) rides her customized storefront bicycle (above) to Boston neighborhoods, where her greeting card inventory is sold stamped and ready to mail.
Stamped Cards
by Julia Shapiro ’19
When Jenna Camann ’07 was a Bucknell Orientation coordinator, she made cards for her staff after every Monday-night meeting. So it’s no surprise she founded Stamped Cards, her Boston-based greeting-card company.

The interesting part: Stamped Cards is a mobile business operated from Camann’s modified bicycle. With a display rack featuring cards she sources from artists and vendors across the country, already stamped and ready to mail, Camann rides her inventory to different Boston neighborhoods, where customers have come to know her.

“When people come to the business, they share what they’re looking for but also why they’re looking for a card,” Camann says. “I get to know the customer on a personal level.”

After graduating from Bucknell with a major in management, Camann worked in digital marketing for a variety of big-name brands, including Bank of America and Harley-Davidson. But shortly after her daughter, Rosalie, was born in 2017, she was ready to launch her own business.

“My marketing career is all in digital, so people often laugh when I tell them what I do,” Camann says. “Greeting cards are more private and allow for more direct communication. Everyone appreciates a handwritten card.”

Camann credits her entrepreneurial success to her Bucknell experiences. Her work as an orientation coordinator, admissions tour guide and Hillel member taught her how to build a meaningful and lasting community. “I’m trying to do that with my card business,” she explains.

Camann admits that starting Stamped Cards was difficult. But with the right combination of research, hard work and support from family and friends, she managed to turn her vision into reality. She advises, “If you have it in your heart, make sure it’s the right time, and make it happen.”