An hour before beginning their epic run across the country on May 21, 2020, Max ’18 and Zac Prizant pose in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Max and Zac on their way to the summit at Lake Tahoe on June 1, 2020.
Max and Zac strike a runner’s pose while traveling through the Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah, July 1, 2020.
Zac and Max stand in the Red Desert on July 29 wearing Heart to Heart International shirts the morning after running 62.1 miles (100 km) the previous day.
Zac and Max pose at sunset on the shoulder of a country road in Indiana.
On Sept. 17, Zac and Max stand in the remains of their camper after a fire burned everything.
Zac (left) and Max reach their destination, the Brooklyn Bridge, on Jan. 1 at 11:45 a.m., after running 36 miles from the Grand Wilshire Hotel in East Orange, N.J.
Friends from the Bucknell track and field team gather with signs after cheering Max and Zac on to their Brooklyn Bridge crossing. From left: Ray Holmes ’14, Nathanial Witter ’14, Matthew Fay ’19, Max Prizant ’18, Nicholas Lombardo ’18 and Zac Prizant.
Max and Zac arrive at their finish life, cheered on by alumni from the track and field team.
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Twin brothers Max ’18 and Zac Prizant made the most of their COVID-19 career break by running across the country, from West to East. They raised $13,000 for Heart-to-Heart International’s COVID-relief efforts in the process. Here are some scenes from their journey.