Pop Quiz
Jill Garripoli
Pedalino ’99
From Rugger to Doctor to Writer
“Dr. Jill,” as Pedalino’s patients call her, is the owner of Healthy Kids Pediatrics in Nutley, N.J. The Bucknell English major has self-published a children’s book called The Universe Is Listening: A Children’s Guide to Happiness Through the Power of Positive and Mindful Thinking. She’s also the proud former captain of the Bucknell women’s rugby team. Says Pedalino, “Every sport girls play, it’s, ‘Don’t push her; don’t be too rough,’ but with rugby it’s, ‘Tackle! Knock her down!’ ”
Jill Garripoli Pedalino Portrait Image
Photo: Dave Kotinski
What is your favorite classic children’s book series?
Sister Bear illustration
a. Berenstain Bears
b. The Cat in the Hat
c. Curious George
They were a definite favorite. I had eight brothers and sisters, and most of them were more than 10 years older, so they read to me all the time. My sister and I were spoiled to death by our other siblings.
What’s the best way to reconnect with your inner child?
a. Dancing
b. Painting or doing something artistic
c. Sports and outdoor play
I’m not a dancer, and I’m not very artistic, but I love sports. My husband and I play hide-and-seek all the time with his 11-year-old daughter.
If you had a dream second career (in a world with unlimited time), what would it be?
a. Head coach of a new U.S. Women’s Rugby Team
b. Bestselling children’s author
c. Owner of a karate dojo (think Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do)
I was actually one month away from getting my black belt in taekwondo when I left med school to start my residency training. But I’ll go with children’s author, because I really enjoyed writing the book I did and would love to do more.
4. What child-oriented content best promotes happiness?
Mr. Rogers headshot
a. The poems of Shel Silverstein
b. Mr. Rogers
c. The songs of Raffi
Where the Sidewalk Ends was always a favorite, but I feel more connected to Mr. Rogers, because that was what I grew up with.
What’s the next book you’d like to write?
a. Dr. Spock-style parenting advice book
b. Picture book for young kids
c. Harry Potter-esque fantasy series
I have the second book in my brain ready to go when the opportunity arises. It’s another motivational picture book.
Which Bucknell professor, class or other experience had the most influence on your creative work today?
Not that it has anything to do with my career, but I took classes in Romantic poetry and prose from Dr. [Harold] Schweizer, and fell in love with literature and poetry because of him. English literature is a passion of mine.