Robert Malesardi ’45, P’75, P’79, P’87, G’08
Robert Malesardi ’45, P’75, P’79, P’87, G’08, trustee emeritus and namesake of Bucknell’s Malesardi Quadrangle, died on Jan. 16, 2021, at home in Oxford, Md.

Malesardi was an active trustee from 1972 through 1988 and was a generous donor whose gifts to the University supported scholarships and the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library. To commemorate those gifts, the University in 1988 named one of the Gateway Residence Center buildings Malesardi Hall.

In 2016, Malesardi was elected as a trustee emeritus. That same year, he and his wife, Doris, made a pledge of $20 million to support financial-aid endowment — then the single-largest pledge in University history. Malesardi and his wife soon after expanded their giving impact through the Malesardi Match, a commitment to match gifts of $100,000 or more for new or existing endowed scholarships with a $50,000 gift to fund the same scholarships. To date, the program has raised nearly $40 million from alumni, parents, corporations and friends of the University, for a cumulative total of nearly $60 million.

“Doris and I feel strongly that scholarships are the absolute best investment we could make in the future of young people as well as Bucknell,” Malesardi said at the program’s inception.

To commemorate these extraordinary commitments, in 2016 the University named the academic quad at the heart of campus Malesardi Quadrangle in the family’s honor.

An outside portrait photo of Robert Malesardi standing in front of trees wearing a suit
Photo: Patricia Archer
At a dedication ceremony, President John Bravman noted that the family’s commitments would serve Bucknell students for generations to come.

“Our children’s children and the children of people not yet born will come stand on this spot and know what you’ve done,” Bravman said. “It takes the generosity of thousands, and some very special few, to make a permanent, lasting impact. Your legacy is now firmly ensconced in this beautiful, special place — the academic heart of the University.”

As a student, Malesardi majored in accounting and was a member of the wrestling team, the Navy V-12 program and Sigma Chi. A World War II veteran, he spent many years operating an accounting firm and developing real estate, and co-owned the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Fla.

Malesardi is survived by his wife, Doris; daughters Carol Malesardi Litwak ’75, Janet Malesardi Schaeder ’79, Ann Malesardi ’87 and Jill Malesardi; along with numerous grandchildren including Allison Litwak ’08.