Bucknell is Pure Poetry

Bonnie Corrie Estes ’86, a high school French teacher in Statesville, N.C., wrote this poem when she was a Bucknell student.

I Love Bucknell
by Bonnie Corrie Estes ’86

I love Bucknell
For the inspiration she gives me
To think, and for the opportunities
She provides to make new friends.

I love the layout of the campus;
The green rolling hills which turn
Into tray slopes in winter,
And the huge shady oak trees
Which spread a golden blanket of warmth
Over the ground in autumn.

I love Homecoming
And mittens clutching hot chocolate,
My body nestled in the cheering crowd,
Every face rosy.

I love the sound of the occasional train
which clatters & whistles,
Reminding friendly passers-by
Of its traditional passage through

I love strolling into town,
Buck-and-a-half night,
Illuminated streetlights,
And eating funnel cakes
At craft fairs.

I love spontaneous study-breaks with friends,
Moments so special it seems as if
God had planned them.

I love Spring Weekend,
When the cherry blossoms
Soften our moods in the Academic Quad,
And the bells serenade our swimming heads.

I love becoming immersed
In new activities and interesting subjects;
Becoming well-rounded and exceeding
My own expectations.

I love knowing
That I’m maturing;
And discovering who I am
What I believe in.

I love Bucknell
For what she stands for …
Higher education, excellence
And leadership.

I love
Knowing that my future
Will grow from the solid foundation
Built at Bucknell.