He’s with the Brand
Bison at heart, Malik Malone ’91 markets the Buckeyes
by Alexander Diegel
Who is that keeping his identity secret under his everyday clothes? No, it’s not Superman. It’s Malik Malone ’91, who represents the Ohio State athletics brand for Learfield IMG College, a large sports marketing company serving many of the top NCAA teams.

“Seeing Bucknell teams coming to Columbus to compete is a great kick. It may be a workday for me, but I’ll still be wearing my Bucknell T-shirt underneath my work clothes,” Malone says with a laugh. “There’s generally a tremendous turnout of Bucknellians for games.”

Much like his “secret” wardrobe, Malone keeps Bucknell close to his heart. This is his third year on the Bucknell University Alumni Association board, where he focuses on diversity and inclusion as a member of the executive committee.

“Playing basketball and going to school at Bucknell was truly a unique experience, and it’s important for me to stay connected to the school,” says Malone, who majored in sociology. “I miss being involved in the athletic side at Bucknell, so being so close and personal with Ohio State’s program is something I’ve really enjoyed.”

Headshot Malik Malone
Photo: Courtesy of Malik Malone
Malik Malone ’91 has been a senior account executive with Learfield IMG College for three years.
While Ohio State is often synonymous with football, Malone works with the NCAA powerhouse Buckeyes to represent a variety of sports. If you’re counting national championships, the big dog on Ohio State’s campus is the women’s synchronized swim team, which earned 24 titles through the years, proving the Buckeyes’ mettle beyond football and across the entire college sports landscape. Still, football remains the school’s marquee sport, Malone says.

“It’s a global brand, and in terms of college athletics, it’s a top-five program. One of Ohio State’s taglines is, ‘Football’s the best damn band in the land,’ ” Malone explains. “But I always joke and say it’s the best damn brand in the land.”