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Chloe Chou ’15

Betting on Success
In 2020, the sports-betting industry generated more than $1 billion in revenues, a number that is expected to grow sixfold by 2023. Helping to rally the total is Chou, manager of growth marketing for New York-based FanDuel, an online gaming company that provides opportunities to bet on sports, horse racing and casino games and compete for cash in fantasy sports. A psychology major and student-athlete at Bucknell, Chou parlays her insights to expand FanDuel’s place as an industry leader.
Chloe Chou takes a selfie, smiling an wearing a red plaid blouse
Photo: Chloe Chou ’15
What should no 21st-century sports bettor be without?
a. Multiple screens to watch as many games as possible
b. Free Wi-Fi
c. Data, data, data
The fun in online gaming, whether that’s on a sportsbook or daily fantasy sports, is betting on multiple teams or entering a variety of contests. You can choose from the NFL to the NBA to even Saturday UFC fight nights. You will definitely need as many screens as possible to keep track of how you’re doing.
What was the greatest underdog performance of all time?
a. U.S. men’s hockey defeats Russia in the 1980 Olympics
b. Mine That Bird defies 50-1 odds to win the 2009 Kentucky Derby
c. The New York Giants sink the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII
That story not only encompasses the best underdog performance but also is a great example of how sports can unite us. That’s one of my favorite parts about sports. Regardless of where you’re from, a diverse team can come together to win as one. In the movie Miracle, which is among my top five favorite films, Coach Brooks gives a legendary speech that helps remind the players of their worth and hidden potential.
Which coach has the best understanding of sports psychology?
illustration of Peppermint Patty
a. John Wooden
b. Jill Ellis
c. Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty exemplifies what every coach should value: “Need more sleep.”

4. What’s the best advice for assembling a winning lineup?
a. Pick a player, any player
b. Embrace the new age of athlete analytics
c. Trust your gut
It’s good to do your research on different players or teams, but ultimately, trust your gut.
Who would you pick for your Bucknell fantasy professor team?
a. Professor Joel Wade, psychology
b. Professor Jeff Trop, geology
c. Professor Mihai Banciu, management
All of the above. That’s a dream team there. They epitomize Bucknell’s passion for learning, commitment to leadership and interest in giving diverse experiences.
How did Bucknell prepare you for a life in growth marketing?
It was after my class with Professor Banciu that I became interested in the role of psychology in understanding corporate-world consumers. Growth marketers — by collaborating with product, customer marketing and analytics teams — must understand how different parts of a business can work together to grow a product or consumer base. As a member of the Bucknell women’s lacrosse team, I learned to adapt to my surroundings and deal with different types of people. My studies opened my eyes to the multiple places where you can find psychology in the business world.

“Regardless of where you’re from, a diverse team can come together to win as one.”