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A Tiny Flaw in a Big, BIG Building

Watch as Professor Ron Ziemian, civil & environmental engineering, tells the story of an iconic building in New York City.

Wednesday, Nov. 4, noon EST

Answer This:

What do you miss most about Bucknell?


What’s the first thing you’ll do the next time you’re on campus?
I’ll do what I always do … drive past Rooke Chapel and marvel at its majestic splendor. Then I’ll proceed down Moore Avenue to the LC. Then we’ll park and visit all our favorite spots on foot. I will not skip Dana or a trip to the Freeze.
Carolyn Yankowski Klimtzak ’00
Head to the bookstore and get a Bucknell T-shirt because the one I have I bought in 2000. Oh wait, the bookstore isn’t on campus anymore …
Natdanai Panitchpakdi ’00
Walk up and down the hillside arboretum between Roberts Hall and Bucknell Hall. It is an old and sacred place where the trees hold all our secret hopes and dreams!
Chuck Erdeljac ’73
Go see if Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity is still there.
James Yeh M’73
Walk around town and eat at the Lewisburg hotel.
Susan Gallucci Lambrakis P’23