Dr. Larnie Booker ’93
Photo: Picture People
A Top Doc
Dr. Larnie Booker ’93, a general pediatrician and the care center vice president at Advocare Mid-Jersey Pediatrics in East Brunswick, N.J., was a pre-health student who majored in biology and minored in Latin at Bucknell. He earned an M.D. from Tufts University School of Medicine and was named one of New Jersey’s Favorite Kids Docs by New Jersey Family magazine and among New Jersey’s Top Doctors several times.
1. How did Bucknell shape your career?
Bucknell taught me that I had a voice and that one person could make a positive difference through words and actions. I had great examples among the student body when I arrived on campus.
2. What class opened your eyes the most?
Since I was a biology major, this may be surprising, but I would say American Sign Language. I had no prior experience with the deaf community. Gaining some insight into their language and culture opened my eyes to some of the challenges they face.
3. If you could go back to college, what would you do differently?
I may have chosen a different major. I would have still been a pre-health student, but I believe I would have taken a broader set of classes with another major, such as business or a foreign language.
4. What fun moment at Bucknell is the most memorable for you?
I had so many great experiences and met so many great people. But my most memorable moment was being part of the chartering of the Xi Kappa chapter of [the historically Black] Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. fraternity. It was a historic moment that created a legacy and has improved the Bucknell experience for so many students.
5. What lesson did you learn at Bucknell that you still carry with you?
I learned the value of mentorship. Dr. Jacqueline Cooke ’77 met me when I was a junior at Bucknell and helped me pursue my goal of becoming a doctor. I have made it a consistent goal to be someone who helps others reach their goals regardless of the obstacles they may face.