sustaining: I read the magazine with interest each quarter. Let me add my congratulations on the new format. You frequently feature articles on the environment and sustainability initiatives. One in the summer issue, “Farewell to a River,” focused on development impacts in the Mekong Delta. They are a reminder of an observation by my father, Frank Duffryn Burns ’44: “No consequential discussion of ecology can occur without serious consideration of population growth.” The topic seems to be universally absent in dialogue about humanity’s future survival.
Jordan, Minn.
kudos to student EMT
I was elated to read the item about Ava Warfel ’22, her qualification as an emergency medical technician and her service with the William Cameron Engine Co. Bravo!

I began my 33-year fire-service career as a volunteer, then moved to teaching firefighters at the local technical college. I ended up as the full-time chief of training and safety with the Stevens Point Fire Department, which was one of the first departments in Wisconsin to establish a paramedic service and still has medication protocols that few services provide. I hope Ava will continue in this wonderful career.

The late Robert Beckman, who was my saxophone teacher at Bucknell, was president of the William Cameron Engine Co. I didn’t know that I could join the company until I was too close to graduation. Rats.

Stevens Point, Wis.