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Persley ’95
father and daughter reading together
Photo: Jenelle Persley; Sarunya L/Shutterstock.com
Fatherhood Advocate, Author, Speaker on Diversity Issues
Christopher Persley hadn’t seen or spoken to his father for 30 years until, one day, he received a letter from him. Determined not to be the absent father he had while growing up, Persley and his wife, Jenelle, decided he would be a stay-at-home dad to Camilla, 1. Blogging about his experiences led to spots on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Six years later, he’s still blogging at thebrowngothamite.com.
Which TV father is most like you?
a. Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell, Modern Family)
b. Dre Johnson (Anthony Anderson, Black-ish)
c. Jim Anderson (Robert Young, Father Knows Best)
I like that the show revolves around dealing with one’s blackness and how Dre talks to his kids, preparing them for life outside the bubble. But he’s a bit too egotistical.
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Which aspect of being a stay-at-home dad was hardest to get a handle on?
a. Changing diapers
b. Keeping a child occupied
c. Staying indoors a lot
I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I did my part. I’m happy I didn’t shy away from it.
3. What’s the perfect Father’s Day gift?
a. A day all by yourself
b. Breakfast in bed
c. A smile from your child
Knowing that my daughter’s happy is the most fulfilling thing I can have on Father’s Day.
4. After you, who is the most influential male role model in your daughter’s life?
a. Ironman
b. Mr. Incredible
c. Black Panther
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She does love the character of Black Panther and what he represents. T’Challa comes from an African country that is the most technologically advanced country in the world. Somehow, he finds a balance between being a king and a superhero.
When your child asked, “Where did I come from?,” your first reply was:
a. “Go ask your mom.”
b. “The stork brought you.”
c. “Hey, want to go to the park?”
None of the above. We haven’t really had that talk yet, but I’m ready for it. And we won’t shy away from using the proper terms.
Which rule will you have about dating for your daughter?
a. “Have her home by 10 p.m.”
b. “Go where you want — but I’m driving.”
c. No rules, just give him the stink-eye.
7. Which Bucknell class best prepares men to be stay-at-home dads?
a. THEA 110 — Acting I
b. PSYC 207 — Developmental Psychology
c. WMST/SOCI 328 — Mating and Marrying in America
I took that class, and it prepared me well for being creative, thinking on my feet and understanding motivations of characters — like thinking about what my daughter might need in a situation. And improv taught me to think quickly, anticipating what someone’s next move might be.
" " “Improv taught me to think quickly, anticipating what someone’s next move might be.”
" " “Improv taught me to think quickly, anticipating what someone’s next move might be.”